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We are once again hoping to garner funds to participate in the NSDA national tournament in Ft. Lauderdale. 

We have a long tradition of success in local, regional, and national competition. We need your help and the help of our family, friends, and fellow students to do that. We need $4,000 to fund our airfare, hotel fees, and tournament fees. Anything helps, we appreciate your support!

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$5,395 Raised since March 10, 2016

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  • Yue Deng donated
  • Xueqing Liu donated "Good Luck to you and your team! Go CHHS!" - via Joanna Wang
  • Yanlin Qian donated "Best wishes ! " - via Joanna Wang
  • Xinhong Zhou donated - via Joanna Wang
  • Ming Jiang donated "Go Joanna!" - via Joanna Wang
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  • Baiyan Dong donated "Best wishes to the team!"
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  • Andrew Murray donated "Best of luck! " - via David Huston
  • Timeline 25

    Edco - $25 for Submitting NSDA Survey achieved

    Our team just earned $25 from Edco for submitting an NSDA survey!

  • Denis Huston donated "Good Luck at Nationals....(go Miramonte)" - via DL Huston
  • Naheed Rajwani donated "I owe a lot to the CHHS Debate program. Great to watch from afar all the accomplishments you all continue to make!" - via Sarah Manjee
  • Manaal Siddique donated "good luck bbs!! knock them dead and make sure they get their asses handed to them😛" - via Arsh Ladhani
  • Aalyan Rajwani donated - via Sarah Manjee
  • Brooke Corbett donated "We are so proud of you Sarah!!!" - via Sarah Manjee
  • Maddie Bricout donated "Have a great time at nationals! You've all worked so hard to get here!"
  • Edco donated
  • Trina Beckwith donated
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Will Watson
  • Adrienne Abrahamson donated "iBuena suerte!" - via Sarah Manjee
  • Tanisha Hassam donated "Good Luck Sarah & Raheena! :) Love, Tanisha Hassam"

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