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We are once again hoping to garner funds to participate in the NSDA national tournament in Ft. Lauderdale. 

We have a long tradition of success in local, regional, and national competition. We need your help and the help of our family, friends, and fellow students to do that. We need $4,000 to fund our airfare, hotel fees, and tournament fees. Anything helps, we appreciate your support!

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  • Raheena Ali
  • DL Huston
  • Arsh Ladhani
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$5,395 Raised since March 10, 2016

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  • Lev Prichard donated "Good luck!" - via Will Watson
  • Anne and Ed Perdue donated "You've all worked hard and will do well! Go for it! Enjoy the moment! " - via Will Watson
  • Areeb Khan donated "Have a ton of FUN!!!" - via Manaal Siddique
  • Ben Perryman donated "Good luck Will !!!!" - via Will Watson
  • Miranda Reyes donated - via Arsh Ladhani
  • Miranda Reyes donated "Congrats!" - via Raheena Ali
  • Evan D. donated ""You boys playing grab-ass again?" Huston asked. "No sir, we're cutting cards." But we were, in fact, playing grab-ass." - via DL Huston
  • Vincent D Menyah donated "Wish you the very best in your debate. God bless you!!" - via Arsh Ladhani
  • Ann Nutt donated "We're proud of you and the team" - via Miranda Nutt
  • Kevin Gluck donated "Wish we could be there in person to see you all rock Nationals. Go get 'em!" - via Will Watson
  • Rita Crew donated "Congratulations for all your successes to date and I know your futures will be successful as well."
  • Sichao Liu donated "Always been huge fans. Go Panthers!" - via Miranda Nutt
  • Mary Ann Fulgium donated "Good luck and have fun!!" - via Will Watson
  • Krista Radandt donated
  • Curtis and Beth Watson donated "Go get 'em and have fun! I'm so proud of each of you!" - via Will Watson
  • “An anonymous donation was made "I didn't like that is was not $1000" - via Will Watson
  • Brooke Corbett donated "So proud of you!!!" - via Sarah Manjee
  • Kelli Mann donated "Best of luck to some of the best debaters out there! Get 'er done! "
  • Habib Manjee donated - via Sarah Manjee
  • Aimi Hamraie donated "Best of luck!!!"
  • James Rye donated "Roll Tide!"
  • Sushmi Muppidi donated "Go get 'em team & Liya!!!"
  • Brent Chipley donated "From an old cousin-in-law of your dad. Go for the gold, and bring home that trophy! Best of luck." - via Miranda Nutt
  • Jens Weselmann donated "Best of luck and success to you all" - via Miranda Nutt
  • Murtuza Arsiwala donated "Good Luck Manaal, Murtuza Chachu" - via Manaal Siddique
  • Vishal Mital donated
  • Imran Siddique donated
  • Mariyam Siddique donated "Give 'em hell bb (like you do to me)" - via Manaal Siddique
  • Corgi Socks donated - via DL Huston
  • Olivia Shaw donated "HEY MARINA AND MIRANDA! So proud of you both for breaking barriers and crushing what you do. Rooting for you two <3 " - via Marina Leventis

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