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We are once again hoping to garner funds to participate in the NSDA national tournament in Ft. Lauderdale. 

We have a long tradition of success in local, regional, and national competition. We need your help and the help of our family, friends, and fellow students to do that. We need $4,000 to fund our airfare, hotel fees, and tournament fees. Anything helps, we appreciate your support!

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$5,395 Raised since March 10, 2016

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  • Elly McCarthy donated
  • Corinne Riley donated "Woooo go Miranda, Marina and Liya!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Good luck Miranda and Maria and amazing job Liya!"
  • Juliet Lee donated "Miranda and Marina, go make history! Also, Liya, you're killing it <3" - via Miranda Nutt
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Good luck for Nationals!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made "LITE THAT BITCH UP"
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Beatriz Schaver donated "For you Liya!! <3 " - via Marina Leventis
  • Xanthe Gallate donated "For Miranda and Marina!! And Liya! "
  • Rachel Kim donated "Go kick some ass ladies!! " - via Marina Leventis
  • Isabelle Deibel donated
  • Daniella Rodriguez donated "GO WOMEN GO LIYA GO MARINA AND MIRANDA. " - via Miranda Nutt
  • Edco donated
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Dan Rowe
  • Janis Paxton donated "Good luck with all your endeavors! We know you work hard!!" - via DL Huston
  • Becky St. John donated "Go Panthers!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Tanya Bryan
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Tanya Bryan
  • Mackay Bryan donated - via Tanya Bryan
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via David Huston
  • Debra Gore donated "Go team! I taught Mr Rowe in middle school speech and he was gifted then. I'm sure he's an amazing coach. "
  • Dorinda Warren donated "Go Team. So very proud of you Will Watson. "
  • Dan leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • Dan became an Elite Gold Funrdaiser by closing the deal with 10 club donors.

  • Kathryn Rowe donated "Good luck! " - via Dan Rowe
  • Diane and Ernie Meyer donated "Our very best wishes to the team" - via Will Watson
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    $250 First Funds Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $250 through the First Funds Power Grant™.

    Help us grab the next grant: $50 for 50 donors. Share this link with friends and family today. https://colleyville-heritage-high-school.ed.co/colleyville-heritage-hs-debate

  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Carrie Bryan donated - via Tanya Bryan
  • Kevin Bryan donated - via Tanya Bryan

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